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OpenPDM – The world's leading product for PLM system integration

Would you like to improve the integration of your heterogeneous IT system landscape, replace your obsolete PLM solution without any loss of information and/or integrate external development partners more tightly in your PLM processes? PROSTEP's leading integration platform OpenPDM provides you with powerful connectors and tried-and-tested mechanisms for migrating PLM data and synchronizing PLM processes. Our standard software allows you to implement use cases and application scenarios with little effort and easily link your digital product data with the operating data collected on IoT platforms.

OpenPDM offers you the following benefits

OpenPDM is a comprehensive integration platform for linking PLM and ERP systems in companies, migrating data when switching to a new PLM system and integrating partners in cross-enterprise collaboration processes. The solutions are characterized by the following features:

  • Maximum flexibility
    Support for every conceivable integration, migration and collaboration scenario
  • Maximum end-to-end integrity
    Seamless integration of business processes across PLM and ERP system boundaries
  • Reliable information
    High level of data consistency and reliable information flows between process participants
  • Maximum scalability
    OpenPDM is easy to configure and suitable for companies of any size and type
  • Good update capability
    Standardized interfaces and few system adaptations simplify updates
  • Low administrative overhead
    Problem-free operation of the solutions thanks to stable software and automated processes
  • Maximum investment protection
    Ongoing maintenance and continued development of the software using open standards
  • Fast ROI (return on investment)
    Fast implementation using pre-configured business logic and a practice-oriented procedural model

OpenPDM® – Connect, integrate and migrate PLM systems

OpenPDM is the world's leading solution for synchronizing and migrating PLM data and processes in a wide variety of application scenarios and domains.

There are many ways to integrate a PLM system in an IT environment – OpenPDM offers you the perfect solution for any application scenario and does so as standard software that provides maximum protection of your investment.

The product family supports a wide variety of application scenarios, regardless of whether you want to connect the PLM systems Teamcenter, Windchill, 3DExperience, SAP, Aras, Contact Elements, Enovia VPM V4 or SmarTeam, you need to integrate simulation systems like SimManager or EKM in your PLM processes, you are planning a PLM system migration, or you require reliable collaboration processes, for example within the framework of a joint venture.

Based on the modular OpenPDM system, PROSTEP has created five solutions that guarantee successful implementation of your project: CONNECT, INTEGRATE, MIGRATE and COLLABORATE build on a standard product that numerous companies have been using successfully for over 20 years, but they have been perfectly tailored to suit your respective application scenario.

PROSTEP also offers a self-contained collaboration platform to companies that collaborate with numerous partners that change frequently. In addition to the feature set provided by OpenPDM COLLABORATE, OpenPDM CCenter offers these companies separate PLM functions for organizing their cross-enterprise collaboration processes.


OpenPDM CONNECT is the easiest way to connect two PLM systems. Thanks to preconfigured standard functions for automatically synchronizing product data, the solution can be used practically from the get-go.

OpenPDM CONNECT's standard functions not only allow individual parts, BOMs and documents to be exchanged between the connected PLM systems but also complex product structures without any need for customizing. The versions and status of the metadata are automatically synchronized and logged.

The system administrator can use a browser-based user interface to monitor the background processes and if necessary easily control the process flows. If the preconfigured process flows and methods are not sufficient to deal with the application scenario in question, the solution's extensible business logic allows them to be adapted to meet a customer's specific requirements.

OpenPDM CONNECT currently allows the following systems to be connected:

  • CATIA 3DExperience (“CATIA V6”) with Windchill, Teamcenter or SAP
  • SAP with Teamcenter, Windchill or 3DExperience

If this list does not include the system pair you are looking for, please contact PROSTEP. OpenPDM CONNECT is continually being expanded to include new standard couplings.

The solution offers you the following features and benefits:

Integration of your business processes
When organizing your business processes, there are no longer any boundaries between the ERP and PLM worlds. OpenPDM CONNECT ensures seamless integration, e.g. of change processes that are to be started in one system and continued in the other system.

Integrity of the data and reliability
The stability and reliability of the solution and the automated processes ensure a reliable flow of information and smooth operation twenty-four hours a day.

Consistent data in different disciplines
OpenPDM CONNECT avoids time-consuming and error-prone data maintenance and ensures that consistent data is available to your various enterprise disciplines.

Update capability thanks to official interfaces
The use of official interfaces to the connected systems and the fact that no system adaptations are required guarantee extremely good update capability.

Flexibility and investment protection
The solution's scalability and adaptability offer companies a high level of flexibility. At the same time, the ongoing maintenance and continued development of the software provide maximum protection of your investment.

Low implementation and operational overhead
OpenPDM CONNECT can, in most cases, be implemented in the existing IT infrastructure without any need for additional investments. The automated processes also ensure that operating costs are kept to a minimum.

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OpenPDM INTEGRATE enables you to connect any number of PLM systems from different disciplines, departments and locations with each other and with other applications. This ensures that your data is always consistent and up to date.

OpenPDM INTEGRATE is intended for companies that work with multiple PLM systems at different locations or in different departments, or which want to connect a PLM backbone to discipline-specific TDM (team data management) systems. The solution can be used to link or transfer all PLM-relevant information.

The solution allows data, versions and structures from different data sources to be synchronized, either in a synchronous or asynchronous process. A higher-level workflow can be set up to control the processes.

The process flows can easily be adapted to the customer's specific requirements and monitored using a browser-based user interface. The integration framework offers configurable interfaces to a large number of PLM, ERP and simulation data management systems and for importing and exporting CAD structures as well as PLM data in formats like ASCII, STEP and XML. We can of course also integrate your systems and legacy systems in your business processes using existing web services.

The solution offers you the following features and benefits:

End-to-end PLM processes
OpenPDM INTEGRATE allows your CAD and PLM data to flow and ensures end-to-end business processes across system boundaries. You can, for example, make up-to-date data from different enterprise disciplines available to the various specialist departments in the respective system being used.

Limitless scalability
Its limitless scalability makes OpenPDM INTEGRATE the ideal integration platform for companies of any size and type. Thanks to its excellent configuration capabilities, it can easily be adapted to company-specific business processes in a flexible manner.

Traceable processes
Centralized control via an intuitive cockpit makes it easier to control and monitor the processes and allows them to be traced at all times. Reports, which can be output at the click of a button, support logging of the process flows.

Low administrative overhead
The stability and reliability of the software ensures problem-free operation of the applications and reduces the time and effort required for system administration. In addition, the use of official interfaces to the connected systems guarantees excellent update capability.

Fast ROI (return on investment)
Unlike project-specific solutions, out-of-the-box business logic is already available. This ensures a very short implementation phase and productive use of the solution.

Maximum investment protection
The neutral data model makes it easy to expand the system and ensures that it continues to function properly even after updates. At the same time, the ongoing maintenance and continued development of the software provides maximum protection of your investment.

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OpenPDM MIGRATE enables you to organize the migration of existing PLM data from an old system to a new system regardless of whether you prefer a more gentle transition, with the temporary coexistence of the old and new systems, or want to switch systems in a big bang.

Thanks to powerful connectors, OpenPDM MIGRATE not only migrates individual parts, BOMs and documents but also complex product structures to the new PLM system. The solution allows PLM data from multiple systems and data sources to be consolidated.

Analysis tools make it easier to check the type, scope and dependencies of the source data. The data can be structured flexibly according to product, project, history or other criteria for migration. Packing the data and parallelization of the migration steps accelerate transfer and reduce the time and effort needed to deal with migrations that have failed due to the lack of data quality.

Bidirectional synchronization of the data allows migration to be performed in small steps and delta information to be synchronized if, after an initial data loading process, the older system continues to be used. A migration cockpit and KPI reports provide the necessary transparency at all times and facilitate process monitoring.

The solution offers you the following features and benefits:

"A la carte" PLM migration
OpenPDM MIGRATE supports different migration strategies – from big bang migration to incremental migration to the coexistence of the old and new systems over a longer period of time. Regardless of the strategy selected, a tried-and-tested procedural model serves as a guarantee for the success of your project.

High-performance migration
The parallel processing of individual jobs accelerates data transfer and ensures a high level of performance during migration. Thanks to the ability to process large volumes of data, the solution makes the migration of data manageable even in migration projects using the big bang migration method.

Guaranteed data quality
Inaccurate or incomplete source data often causes delays in migration projects. By analyzing existing data, OpenPDM MIGRATE protects customers from unforeseeable project risks. At the same time, validation of the data ensures a high level of data quality in the target system.

Optimum process monitoring
Graphical monitoring via the cockpit guarantees that the migration process is monitored in an optimum manner. If a system administrator detects errors during data transfer, they can intervene in the migration process using the solution’s soft stop functions.

Optional CAD conversion
Furthermore, optional CAD conversion functionality not only allows migration to a new PLM system but also migration of the CAD data to a new CAD system. A special toolkit is available for this purpose and allows flexible conversion of the data with a high level of data quality in the target system.

High level of cost-effectiveness
OpenPDM MIGRATE allows project runtimes to be calculated, and temporary use of the solution ensures a fast return on investment (ROI).

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OpenPDM COLLABORATE allows custom solutions to be configured to ensure the automatic availability and synchronization of CAD and PLM data in joint ventures and other collaboration scenarios.

When collaborating in joint ventures or other long-term development networks, the current status of development needs to be synchronized at regular intervals. OpenPDM COLLABORATE automates the export of CAD and PLM data from the backend systems. During export, data formats like PLM XML, STEP, JT or 3D PDF and the corresponding structures can be generated automatically on a partner-specific basis.

The import of CAD and PLM structures can also be controlled reliably with the help of the solution. Depending on the configuration involved, it can automate the provision of data from one PLM system to another completely or partially and synchronize the delta between the different PLM databases at regular intervals.

OpenPDM COLLABORATE can be adapted flexibly to the requirements of the partners with regard to the frequency of exchange operations, the degree to which the processes are automated and security measures. It is easy to establish relationships between partners and, once collaboration has ended, terminate them.

The solution offers you the following features and benefits:

"Out-of-the-box" PLM collaboration
OpenPDM COLLABORATE enables the configuration of different collaboration scenarios and allows due consideration to be given to the requirements of the respective partners and the depth of the relationships between partners. The capability of the solution to adapt to enterprise processes enables seamless partner integration. A tried-and-tested procedural model serves as a guarantee for the success of the project.

Maximum flexibility
Because the jointly used data is not managed separately, it is possible to set up and terminate partner relationships quickly. The support of individual data formats ensures the highest possible degree of flexibility when configuring relationships between partners.

Support for partner-specific data models
OpenPDM COLLABORATE's neutral data model allows metadata and structured data to be adapted automatically using partner-specific and freely configurable mapping rules. This means that the collaboration partners can manage third-party data in their own data model and are not forced to introduce third-party structures, relationships, units, etc.

Optimum know-how protection
The selected transfer of CAD and PLM data provides optimum protection of know-how and intellectual property (IPP). At the same time, the end-to-end logging of exchange operations ensures a high level of transparency and allows every action to be traced at any time.

High level of reliability
Transaction security ensures that the solution functions in a stable and reliable manner. The fact that the processes are automated means that there is no need for manual intervention, and the error-prone preprocessing and postprocessing of the data is avoided.

Maximum investment protection
Use of the latest standards (XML, STEP, JT, etc.) and official system interfaces make the solution compatible with a wide variety of IT environments. Furthermore, the software maintenance and continued development of COTS systems like OpenPDM COLLABORATE provide maximum protection of your investment.

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Open PDM CCenter is a self-contained collaboration platform for the secure provision of shared data in distributed development projects and the coordination of cross-enterprise project work.

When using conventional data exchange solutions, comparing development statuses in globally distributed projects with multiple partners involves considerable coordination outlay. OpenPDM CCenter makes data available to all those involved in a project in a protected environment outside of their own respective IT infrastructures and enables quick on-boarding of new partners and quick off-boarding when the partnership ends.

PLM, CAD and structure data can be extracted automatically from any backend system, converted as required and synchronized by comparing data when changes have been made. OpenPDM CCenter supports both secure online access via the Internet and offline processing of the data in a special client.

The project partners have access to all key PDM/PLM functions, including version, workflow and change management, which enable them to coordinate their work. OpenPDM CCenter also provides them with optional integrated project management for the distribution of tasks, deadline monitoring, cost control and resource planning.

The solution offers customer the following features and benefits:

Comprehensive PLM functions
Thanks to integrated PLM functions, OpenPDM CCenter can be used not only as an exchange platform but also as a platform for joint work on a project. A special client allows CAD data and structures to be edited offline in special workspaces that are synchronized regularly.

Fast integration of partners
The composition of the development networks often changes from project to project. OpenPDM CCenter makes it possible to integrate new partners in the global development networks flexibly and to dismantle the connections quickly once a project has been concluded.

Optimum know-how protection
The fact that the shared data resides in encrypted form on a server outside the company's IT infrastructure and that the partners have no direct access to their respective backend systems means that their intellectual property enjoys optimum protection during work on a project.

Maximum data consistency
The automatic synchronization of the shared data between the collaboration platform and the partners' backend systems reduces administrative overhead for bidirectional data exchange and avoid errors caused by manual intervention. The data can be automatically converted into neutral formats when it is uploaded.

Maximum process reliability
OpenPDM CCenter makes all the changes made in the project context transparent during the work in progress. At the same time, the clear documentation of all changes and change statuses improves process reliability and quality.

Better project coordination
Thanks to optional project management for the distribution of tasks, deadline monitoring, cost control and resource planning, OpenPDM CCenter improves coordination in distributed project work and speeds up every aspect of project management.

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Together we are stronger. As a customer of PROSTEP AG, you benefit not only from our extensive network of technology, sales and service partners but also from our stake in companies that neatly round off the range of solutions we offer. As a member of numerous organizations, we have a finger on the pulse of technology and actively participate in key research and development projects, particularly in the field of standardization.

Technology Partners

Synergies bundle knowledge. And knowledge provides solutions.

In order to provide our customers with the best possible solutions, we have long maintained open and productive relationships with all leading IT system vendors.

Our strategic partners include leading CAx and PLM providers.

Adobe Systems Incorporated
Silver Solutions Partner EMEA

Altair Engineering, Inc.




Aras Corp


 Arena Solutions, Inc.

Autodesk GmbH
CONTACT Software GmbH
CubeFour GmbH

Dassault Systèmes SA
Software Partner
Service Partner
CSI Partner


IBM - International Business Machines
Corporation Business Partner



MSC Software Corporation
Oracle Corporation
Gold Partner
PTC - Parametric Technology Corporation
PartnerAdvantage Gold
Service Partner
Siemens PLM Software Inc.
Solution Partner
Tech Soft 3D
T-Systems International GmbH
WSCAD electronic GmbH

Sales and service partners

Our sales partners expand their offering to include PROSTEP products and services. These specialists provide companies from a wide variety of different branches of industry with professional advice and support.

Our network of sales partners comprises companies from around the world.

Geometric Limited provides technical support for OpenDXM and OpenDXM GlobalX in the Asia Pacific region.
Infinities 1st GmbH is a sales partner for OpenDXM and OpenDXM GlobalX in Germany.

KPEC GmbH is a sales partner for PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D in Turkey.


Mirae Information Technology Inc. is a sales partner for PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D in South Korea.


SEAL Systems AG is a sales partner for PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Smartscape, Inc. is a sales partner for PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D in Asia.

Tetra 4D LLC is a sales partner for PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D in North America.

Joint ventures

PROSTEP is part of a number of joint ventures, thus bundling its various areas of expertise for the benefit of its customers and providing them with access to innovative technologies.

CenProCS AIRliance GmbH is a joint venture involving Cenit AG, PROSTEP AG and CS Communication & Systems.

It bundles consultancy services for EADS.


The young company Logic for Business GmbH markets the solution v.control, innovative software for identifying and visualizing product platforms and the associated product components. Logic for Business also offers consultancy and other services relating to the various aspects of integrated product models.


PROSTEP AG is in tune with the times and plays an active role in bringing about new developments.

We are therefore a member of the following organizations:

The 3D PDF Consortium comprises Adobe, Tetra 4D, Tech Soft 3D, PROSTEP and a number of other companies. The organization supports the further development of the PDF/E and PRC standards.

The research association “Forschungsvereinigung Smart Engineering e.V.” is an association for the support of science and research as well as education in the field of smart engineering. The aim of the association is to develop smart products and services as well as to advance a linked production and its associated production systems throughout the entire product life cycle to enable a continuous digital added value.


NAFEMS - National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards - is a not-for-profit organization promoting the effective use of engineering simulation methods.


The OMG consortium - Object Management Group, Inc. - develops internationally recognized standards for vendor-independent and cross-system object-oriented programming.


The prostep ivip Association develops future-oriented solution approaches and standards for product data management and virtual product development.

The Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation e.V. - tekom - is the German professional association for technical communication and information development.

The IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrusT) is a widespread competence network for IT security comprising members from industry, administration, consultancy and research as well as national and international partner organizations with similar objectives.


VDMA - Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. - is an interest group representing approximately 3,000 primarily small and medium-sized companies in Germany's capital goods industry.


The Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Produktentwicklung WiGeP - Berliner Kreis & WGMK - is a network of excellence for promoting product innovation in machine engineering and related branches of industry.

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