Update for the PTC Windchill RV&S (previously Integrity) connector

We have updated our PTC Integrity Connector and now also support PTC Windchill RV&S

The OpenPDM connector for PTC Integrity has been further developed and now supports Windchill RV&S in its current releases. PTC renamed its systems- and software engineering (SSE) solution Integrity Lifecycle Manager to Windchill Requirements, Validation and Source (Windchill RV&S) some time ago, and the name of the OpenPDM connector has been adapted accordingly.

With the OpenPDM Windchill RV&S Connector it is possible to integrate the requirements, system and software engineering information across disciplines in the product development cycle via the OpenPDM integration platform.

The OpenPDM Windchill RV&S Connector is available for the OpenPDM 8.7 as well as the OpenPDM 9.2 release stack.