OpenPDM MIGRATE supports Windchill Bulk Migrator

With the presentation of Release 9.2 of OpenPDM, PROSTEP has also adapted the special migration solution OpenPDM MIGRATE to the cloud-enabled technology and released it for distribution. Thanks to the new microservices architecture the flexible integration of external migration tools from PLM manufacturers such as PTC's Windchill Bulk Migrator is now also possible.


With OpenPDM MIGRATE, PROSTEP provides a toolset that has been validated and tested in complex PLM migration projects that enables a lost-free migration from older PLM systems to the current releases of PTC Windchill, Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE or Siemens PLM Teamcenter.

While implementing the new release of the migration solution, we have consistently focused on microservices to offer our customers the full flexibility of the new software architecture. This makes it even easier, for example, to integrate migration tools from PLM vendors into our tool suite. An example of such an tool is the PTC's Windchill Bulk Manager (WBM), which can be used to import user data to Windchill or export it from Windchill via a variety of scripts in a very system-oriented manner using one-shot bulk.

In practically every migration, there is not only the requirement to move the data from the old system to the new system, but also to enrich the data with additional information based on other external sources such as file systems or ERP systems. This is the strength of OpenPDM MIGRATE. OpenPDM MIGRATE prepares this data, merges it, filters unimportant information, and thus improves the data quality. The prepared data can now be initially imported into a new Windchill system as a Big-Bang Shot via the Windchill Bulk Migrator.

Subsequent updates and delta supplies continue to be performed using the familiar strategies and the OpenPDM connectors, so that the Windchill target system does not have to be shut down for these update supplies and also subsequent migrations of individual assemblies.

OpenPDM MIGRATE supports various migration strategies from migration on demand with selective subsets of data to the migration of the entire dataset in one big bang. With this extension the customer gets even more options to define his migration strategy. With the integration of WBM, we are significantly expanding the strategic options in big bang migrations. Our goal is to always migrate users and data together to achieve maximum performance.


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